The Mini Case Study I Choose Essay

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The mini-case study I choose was: Sue & Sue, Chapter 17, “Counseling Latinos”. This case about: “a Mexican American 47-year-old male named Alberto. He’s been married to his wife, Angela, for 27 years and they have 4 children. Alberto recently lost his job. His wife does not work, and he has no desire for her to get a job. Alberto feels it is his responsibility to provide for his family. His wife wants to work and help the family, but he “forbids” it. His wife was offered a job, but Alberto would not allow her to work. The tension is growing in his household because they have very little left in their savings. The couple has spoken to their priest about the stress, and their priest referred them to counseling” (Laureate Education, Inc., 2012c). Culturally difference from the Latino couple
If I was the counselor of Angela and Alberto, I would be faced with a feminist critique of heterosexual marriage as a gendered institution in which wives are found less satisfaction than their husbands. I am culturally different from this Latino couple because I believe that a woman should hold the same weight as a man in their household. In my culture, the woman either provide for the household; work as hard as their man; or the man handle the bills of the household and the wives provide for the necessity of the children. I’m an independent woman that comes from a line of woman, who has left Jamaica and worked hard to migrate their families to America.

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