The Mind Is A Beautiful Gift That Human Mind Essay

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The mind is a beautiful gift that human beings possess and use to form oneself through memories, emotions, and interactions with other people in society. It is through the mind that human beings interpret morality, a sense of what is good and what is bad, usually learned in early childhood from their parents, culture, and society. These moralities, and rules that have been taught from century to century, became embedded into these minds which create a more civilized being, and a more civilized society. Our consciousness has been altered throughout history to make us a specific type of social being that can be controlled and suppressed. However, the human mind is a large complex system that contains different levels of perception, including the id, ego, and superego. These are the three parts of the mind the man struggles throughout life. They are the interactions that cause hesitation, frustration, and guilt in life. Sigmund Freud an Austrian neurologist, also know as the father of psychoanalysis, has spent a great deal of time handling patients with mental disorders. One of the greatest part of the mind is the unconsciousness, which is any type of memory, emotion, or aggression that does not show up in the conscious state, due to the repression of it. Freud realized that in this unconsciousness lies a natural aggression, an impulse or innate madness that human beings have in their minds, but society and culture suppressed it from becoming reality. Advanced technology has…

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