The Mind Body Dualism : Substance Dualism Essay

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In this paper I will explain and argue for substance dualism. Substance Dualism states that “Minds & Bodies are two different sorts of basic Substances.” Substances are things that are capable of independent existence, and that support properties or qualities. Properties are ways that substances can be, and thus can exist only by being present in a substance and cannot exist independently (Van Gulick). One substance can have different properties. “For example subatomic particles such as Protons, neutrons and electrons have mass, and they also have charge. Charge and mass are different basic properties but the thing that has mass is the same thing that has charge, specifically the particle” (Van Gulick). “Nevertheless it seems highly plausible that minds and bodies do casually interact” (Feinberg).
The most plausible version of the mind body dualism is substance dualism. The reason behind this is because everything that we are apart of is made up of smaller things that could act independently. Everywhere you look, items, things or ideas are made up of smaller sub things. The chair I am siting on is made up of a seat and legs. Both the seat and legs are independent things that are still in existence without coming together to make the chair. To further support this, you can look how both of these things, the seat and the legs of the chair, make up other things or objects besides a chair. The seat can be used within a car and the legs could be used to make a table.…

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