Did Clay Have A Good Reason To Believe He Could Defeat Adams?

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Lecture 27:The Military Chieftain
1. Did Clay have a good reason to believe he could defeat Adams?
Yes, Clay did have a good reason to believe he could defeat Adams. Clay was known to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, which result in a wide support for Clay to become president. He believed he could win victory of election, due to the idea he was known in the House of Representatives. Also, he represented the interests to the citizens who lived out in the west of the country. This lecture states, “Clay was becoming exponent of the ‘American System’ (2).” Clay challenged the American System to make American a more powerful nation. Like Adams, he was known to be involved politics as a Speaker in the House of Representatives, thus he did have a good reason he could defeat Adams.
2. What made Jackson so much more attractive politically to American voters than Clay or Adams, with their wide experience in national government?
Jackson appeared to be more attractive in a political sense due to the fact Jackson was a strong, independent, and assertive politician. He was known to be a self-man lawyer in Tennessee, and was a wealthy man. He believed in the idea of ‘nationalism’ referring to the idea of being proud of being an American citizen and pushing the Indians further west. Jackson won the War of 1812,
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Similar to Jefferson, Jackson shared same goals for America, agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce. Lecture 28 states, “Jackson worked to promote agric.interests, he fought gov. support for manufacturing and commerce, although he allowed neither to threaten permanence of the federal union. He wanted America to be the ‘best’ America by improving agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce. As a southern man, agriculture was common career to have, and both Jackson and Jefferson share this in common. Jackson attuned the idea of Thomas Jefferson over

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