The Middle School Phase Is A Crucial Stage Of Everyone 's Life

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The middle school phase is a crucial stage in everyone 's life. It’s a transition between child and young adult. Everything changes during this time, but for me this was even more true. The summer between my seventh grade school year and my eighth grade school year I moved from Lubbock, Texas to Independence, Missouri. This has been undoubtedly the biggest change I’ve ever experienced and has had an enormous effect on me and who I am today.
Lubbock, Texas is a great place to grow up in with a lot of great people. With this being said, it is not necessarily the most beautiful place in the world. It’s completely flat. There is no such thing as a hill in Lubbock, unless you wanted to count anthills on the sidewalks. The climate is very warm, dry, and extremely windy. The winters are mild and the summers are scorching hot. There are few days that you won’t feel a hot breeze rolling across the plains. And by breeze, I mean strong surges of wind that will just about knock you off of your feet. I grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood in a small house with a family of five. We lived in an area where we could get just about anywhere in five minutes or less.
I had a group of friends, or maybe better described as brothers, that I had grown up with since we were five. Fortunately, we all conveniently lived biking distance from each other. So we all did just about everything together, we even played on the same basketball, baseball, and football teams growing up. And although I made…

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