Essay on The Middle Adolescence Stage Of Development

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Claireece Precious Jones is a 16-year-old female client. Based on just her age, she is considered to be in the Middle Adolescence stage of development.
During this phase of development, Teens become more self-involved, they become concerned with appearance and their body, they can develop lower opinions of the parents as they withdraw from them and try to institute their own independence. They will often Seek privacy and time alone as well. During middle adolescence, their intellectual interests become more important, and they become more concerned about sexual attraction, develop differing feelings toward opposite sex, and they start to have feelings of love and passion. During this time, they also begin to set goals, select role models and have a better grasp on moral reasoning. Physical changes include height and weight gains, the hair and skin becomes oilier, and their body changes as they move through puberty. Precious seems to be right on target in her physical development, as she has already transitioned through puberty. Precious is also interested in developing a lasting and healthy romantic relationship. One key item is that Precious has defined goals for herself, by attending the alternative school and wanting to graduate from High School. Having a role model such as Ms. Rain is very beneficial for her at this time of her life as well. While Precious is considered morbidly obese, this can also be impacted by physical development through this age period, which can…

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