The Metropolitan Museum Of Art Essay

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In the Metropolitan Museum of Art there is a painting by the name of Esther before Ahasuerus. An artist named Artemisia Gentilesc created the painting on a canvas using oils in Naples, Italy around the 1630s. Esther before Ahasuerus is an image that expresses the amount separation between men in the realm of equality. Although heroes small and large are supposed fight for their cause with a large amount of energy and strength the image displayed by the painter is one completely different. Men and women alike can and should be heroes but that doesn’t mean that they should act the same way in order to fight for their cause. There is a belief that a woman is never in anyway supposed to be seen or act like they are equal or higher than men in any situation. The colors, body positions and movement of the man an woman portrayed show the need for women to show their respect and demureness in front of men, even in the most critical situations.
A way that the power difference is expressed in this work is with the use of color coordination. The King sitting calmly on his throne has a purple shawl type of cloth wrapped around his neck. That purple shawl is very important in the separation between the two characters because of the fact that purple has always been associated with royals and overall wealth, it clearly expresses that Esther is the lower being here. Along with the purple there is a red curtain that could be interpreted as a color that is there to mean danger, strength and…

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