The Methods Of Teaching English Essay example

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The methods of teaching English have been changing over time. Discussion about focusing on either using grammar instruction or communication in classroom have been moving back and forward. People are slightly taking side with communicative classroom in nowadays. However, instead of only focusing on communication, educators have argued that communicative classroom must include grammar instruction in teaching. There are various reasons that teachers must include grammar instruction in English teaching, which are teachers’ believes, the grammar rules of first language, focus on form, and the P-P-P cycle. It is hard to teach English without teaching grammar. Since teachers are very adjusting with teaching grammar in non-native speaking class room, therefore, it is hard to change their teaching style in a period. Also, teaching grammar has been agreed as an effective way on learning English in non-native speaking countries for many years, this is why “Direct grammar instruction is still very common” nowadays (Pekoz, 2008). Moreover, not only teachers are habit in grammar teaching, but school, students, text book, and parents are also believing on teaching grammar. Therefore, too habit on teaching grammar is the first reason of why we have to include grammar instruction in communicative classroom.
Moreover, it is hard for non-native speakers, especially teenager and adult to learn English without knowing the grammar rules. Since they already speak one mother language, if…

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