The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Poem Analysis

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Franz Kafka writes in 3rd person point of view, this may limit a reader but it just makes the reader have to dig deep to find the style Franz Kafka presents. When the stories are looked at with more depth the readers find that Franz Kafka short stories “The Metamorphosis” and “A Hunger Artist” both present the same motif and how his main characters develop. Kafka has the same motif in both of his short stories, along with the same main character development. In Kafka readings there is a motif that is present throughout both story and it has many ways of showing it through mental and physical isolation. Kafka in the begin of the story “The Metamorphosis” has the main character Gregor think “‘Good Lord,” he thought, “What an exhausting profession …show more content…
They both begin with beginning unsatisfied. Gregor wishes he could quit his job but his family owes the boss money, he later says once he has made the money up, he was going to go quit. Kafka in “A Hunger Artist” doesn’t tell us till the end that “‘He had to put up with all that, and in the course of time had got used to it, but his inner dissatisfaction always rankled, and never yet, after any term of fasting- this must be granted to his credit- had he left the cage of his own free will. The longest period of fast was fixed by his impresario at forty days...” (797). The Hunger Artist wishes greatly he could go longer fasting. Next step in the development was that they were both isolated from others, “...he took up the habit of crawling back and forth across the walls and ceiling…. His sister immediately noticed the new entertainment Gregor had devised for himself… She got it into her head to make it possible for Gregor to range as widely as possible by removing the furniture that impeded his movement,”(779). Gregor started to noticed that this space was to small for him. The Hunger Artist is also isolated ”...on fine days the cage was set out in the open air... not even on a seat but down among straw on the ground,...”(795). The circumstance that the Hunger Artist was isolated are not like the ones Gregor has but they still confine them both. When Gregor changes into a bug, his liking of food changes.This made it hard to find food he enjoys. Gregor then says, “...eating had soon ceased to give him even the slightest pleasure…”(779). They both don 't enjoy food with the hunger artist being someone who fasted because anything he would eat, ”...go down to a meal the very thought of which gave him nausea that only presence of the ladies kept him from betraying, and even with an effort”(797). Since both characters didn’t enjoy food, this lead them to starve because they are no longer paid

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