The Merchant Of Venice Project Essay

1520 Words Jan 25th, 2016 7 Pages
For the Merchant of Venice project Jesse and I decide to do a storybook. In the story book we had to choose which lines to include and how we were going to adapt them into a dialogue for a storybook. We decided to use the whole book and summarize what had happened in each scene, for some scenes we only needed one or two pages but for the court scene we used more. We tried to put the most important parts of the book in there, but at the same time I feel like we excluded some important things. Some of the things we excluded were Aragon, and a lot of Salarino and Salanio’s lines that they said, we did include some of what they said, but I don’t think we covered them enough because they are the gossipers that let everyone know what else is going on in the play. When Portia is talking about her suitors and how they all have distinctive qualities about them that she doesn’t like I felt like it was important that they were stereotypes from different countries and it was unfortunate we didn’t fit them in there. At first we didn’t include that Shylock wanted Antonio dead because he was mean to him, but we decided to put that in there because it is why Antonio ends up taking Bassanio’s debt, why Bassanio has to get the money from Portia to help him free Antonio, and why Portia and Nerissa end up dressing up to go and save him from certain death. It’s a very important detail to the story and it leads Shylock to do all the things everyone hates him for. If Antonio hadn’t spat on him…

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