Essay on The Merchant Of Venice By William Shakespeare

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The play, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, is set in the city of Venice. The main characters all struggle with the conflict of money. One of the main characters, Portia, is a wealthy Princess in Belmont. Her dead father, created a system in which Portia’s suitors must choose the correct chest in order to marry her; Bassanio choose the correct chest and wins Portia hand in marriage and her money. Bassanio is in debt and needs money in order to save the life of his friend Antonio. Throughout the story, each character constantly struggles with power. Portia starts off the play with no power as a result of her father 's instructions on how she has to marry, which bothers Portia a great deal because she has no say in who she can marry. Throughout the play, Portia progressively accumulates power by first relying on her father 's money and then by acts of cunning she gains ultimate power over her husband. Prior to his death her father directed that Portia’s suitors could only win her hand in marriage by playing what appeared to be a silly game of chance in which they had to choose from three chests- one lead, one gold and one silver. The correct chest held a picture of Portia and a scroll congratulating the winner. Suitors from all over the world travel to Belmont in hopes of success in Portia’s prenuptial process. In this scene, Portia and her maid, Nerissa, begin to name and ridicule the previous suitors that have attempted to win her love. Portia, disappointed…

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