The Merchant Of Venice And Joe Turner 's Come And Gone Essay examples

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At the surface, The Merchant of Venice and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone may seem like to completely unrelated works. The Merchant of Venice was written in the late 16th century and explores the role of antisemitism while Joe Turner’s Come and Gone was written in 1987 and portrays the life of characters living during the great migration. However, William Shakespeare and August Wilson both intentionally incorporate contrasting characters within their work. The contrasting characters have a surprisingly strong effect on the overall impact of both plays. The relationship between Herald and Martha, in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and Shylock and Antonio, in The Merchant of Venice, helps the playwrights convey their overarching messages, develop the plot, and leave a lasting impact on the audience. August Wilson and William Shakespeare both explore the role of religion in society. They consider whether religion can be considered as a benefit or a detriment through their use of contrasting characters. Taking a look at Herald and Martha in Joes Turner’s Come and Gone, Martha is extremely religious and has a strong faith while Herald chooses to be self-reliant and even expresses resentment toward the “great big old white man”, Jesus (92). Wilson shows how religion can be damaging because Martha leaves her family for the church. Herald is left to raise Zonia and he expresses a sense of incompleteness because he needs to find Martha before he can “find [his] starting place in the world”…

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