The Mental Health ( Mh ) Multidimensional Intake Form I 'll Be Critiquing For This Paper

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The mental health (MH) multidimensional intake form I’ll be critiquing for this paper was retrieved from This specific intake form is comparable to most of the MH intake forms I have encountered as a consumer and as a provider. The creator/s of the form acknowledged that the form may seem lengthy. Right at the beginning, they acknowledged that the form may take time to complete. As a former MH services consumer who has completed his share of intake forms, I find that such reassurances are helpful, insightful, and mindful in assuaging what consumers might feel when faced with such a cumbersome task.
I believe that the intake form asks the necessary questions to determine the client’s presenting problem. The first page alone inquires what problems the patient/client needs help with (self-reports can be very empowering because clients/patients are encouraged to write down and/or verbalize how they understand what they are going through), what symptoms s/he is experiencing (listing symptoms is very helpful because some patients/clients might find the question “What are the problem(s) for which you are seeking help?” too broad and general and some might find it hard to articulate the problems they are experiencing), and, lastly, the page also contains a suicide risk assessment (a very important tool for providers to determine the urgency of the situation and it also gives consumers the opportunity to report any suicidal tendencies in a…

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