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The Maned Wolf The legs of a deer, the face of a fox, and the body of a wolf, what is it? The maned wolf is an interesting animal that not many people may know about. It can be described by what it looks like, its eating habits, and its social structure.
Despite its name this animal looks more like a fox rather than a wolf and has even been described as a “fox on stilts”. But, this unique looking species isn’t closely related to either. In fact, the maned wolf is the only member of its genus, Chrysocyon (“Maned Wolf”). The closest species it is related to though is the bush dog. The maned wolf gets its name from its long, red-golden coat that sometimes puffs up like a mane around its neck (“Maned Wolf Facts”). Typically, they weigh 50 pounds
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Females are responsible for raising pups, but there is evidence that males provide food to their pups in both zoo and wild populations. (“Maned Wolf”)
After being weaned and gradually being able to eat more of a variety, the pups grow and mature very quickly. Once a year has passed the pups will be fully grown and they will leave the territory they were raised in (Gorog). The communication among this species is fairly interesting. They mostly communicate through the sense of smell, and they have a strong-smelling urine. This odor can be smelt from up to a mile away (Bastida). Also, they only use three vocal communications, which are their roar-bark, a high-pitched whine, and growls (Gorog). Their social dynamic is truly distinct to this species. In conclusion, the maned wolf is a unique species that can be defined by its appearance, its diet, and its social construct. You can easily identify one by its long legs, the fruit it eats, or by the fact that it is a solitary animal. This beautiful creature may not be widely known, but it is certainly one that is interesting to learn about. The maned wolf is truly

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