Essay about The Medieval Instruments Of The Middle Ages And Renaissance

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The Medieval Harp was an instrument that had great significance in the musical specter of the of the Middle Ages. During this time period the Harp was found all over the world in continents such as: Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. The Harp, during the Medieval time period, was seen to be one of the most important pieces that a man, or household, could have. As explained by David Munrow in his book Instruments of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, he states, “According to the twelfth-century Laws of Wales the three things indispensible to a gentleman were ‘his harp, his cloak, and his chessboard…” I argue that the Medieval Harp was one of the most influential string instruments to be used during the Middle/Medieval Ages because it was involved in the Plainchant genre, the Harp had great significance in the lives of the people, and it is one of the oldest instruments to be found in the entire world. During the Middle Ages Plainchant was one of the largest, if not the largest, genre played throughout Europe and around the world. The Harp played a major role in musical endeavors, especially in Ireland. One can see just how important the Harp was to Plainchant in the musical excerpt “Lecito I Fuit quidam dux Magnus” on the CD entitled Flame of Ireland Medieval Irish Plainchant and Office for St. Brigit. In this track one can clearly hear the Harp and how it encompasses the sound of the solo singer. The Medieval Harp starts off the piece by gently bringing the listener…

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