The Medical Staff At Brendan Hospital Essay

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Case Q: Whose Hospital?
Background of the situation:
In June of 1979, the medical staff at Brendan Hospital held a mass meeting at the hospital to discuss various allegations against CEO, Don Wherry. A petition was signed by half the medical staff and by half the employees of the hospital at the mass meeting. The petition demanded Don Wherry’s resignation and even included threats of forgoing patient care if he did not step down. Four doctors and nurse representatives met with the board of trustees to deliver the petition. The petition accused Wherry of being incompetent, devious, acting in an unprofessional manner along with several other allegations. Wherry defended himself against the allegations that were brought forth by the medical staff 13 days after the mass meeting had taken place. Eight physicians, 18 registered nurses, five department heads, a laboratory supervisor, one dietary aide, and the medical staff secretary were present along with the board members at the meeting. After the meeting, the board voted, at first 10 to 6, and then unanimously, to exterminate Don Wherry.
Various concerns, issues, and problems:
The staff substantiated their petition by presenting issues, concerns and problems directly to Wherry at the meeting on June 22nd. The various problems presented by the accusers are categorized and listed below:
• Nursing staff o Numerous nurses were present at the meeting and conveyed their disapproval of Don Wherry. Nurses indicated Wherry lacked…

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