Essay on The Media 's Influence On Society

2099 Words May 15th, 2016 9 Pages
Till this day, the media has an influential power today in American mainstream society. The image of what is “truly” beautiful and how one displays it, has become altered throughout the years. What has been accepted within black culture, has had trouble appealing to this certain image of beauty in society and the media. A ton of the pictures seen on TV, magazines, boards, and on TV have enduring impressions. Certain images and lifestyles have been praised more than others, creating trends, while others have negatively been criticized and disregarded; creating this image of what a black individual is “supposedly” like. Societies view on beauty in the media often departs from reality on what is being represented and portrayed as beautiful. Now and again these impressions make a negative effect. The media can be extremely dangerous to society. The substance and pictures in the media adversely influence a wide range of ethnic people and societies. Unfortunately, African Americans appear to be on the awfully top of that. For some individuals in the public eye, the main time they get the chance to see another race is from the pictures depicted through the media. America is populated with a wide range of societies and races, frequently considered as the world 's biggest mixture. Learned lack of awareness with a mix of restricted introduction and negative pictures being the main delineation seen in various regions of the media lead to stereotyping of a whole race. Since the early…

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