The Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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Not a single cover page model has ever been more than airbrushed, tall, or skinny. These characteristics have become the epitome of value and beauty in which women have been taught to strive to attain and achieve, all due to one residing factor: The mass media. Although the mass media has impacted society for many years, in these last five decades it has been doing so ever more strongly. With the help of the Internet, all mass media content has become a touch away, bringing forth a new era of a media driven society and an ever-lasting stronger influence. But the Internet is not alone to blame, as magazines, books, music, TV channels, and the social medias have come to bombard everyday life, increasing the media’s influence. People have begun to rely solely on such forms of media to bring forth perceptions and ideologies about the world. This, in turn, has prompted the incorporation of opinions, rumors, and other fallacies with facts and information, allowing hate, objectification, and over-sexualization to occur (Mughal).
As top consumers of the media, adolescents are molded, shaped, and influenced by it daily (Mughal). Magazines are one of the most contributing factors to this process, specifically to teenage females, as approximately eighty percent of girls ages twelve to nineteen read at least one magazine weekly (Trimble 10). Various magazines like Cosmogirl, Teenvogue, Glamour, and Seventeen have risen in popularity as a result, influencing more individuals and…

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