Essay on The Media 's Image Of Nursing

1000 Words Jun 14th, 2016 null Page
The media have influenced the image of nursing by forming stereotypes about nursing. According to Weaver, Salamonson, Koch, & Jackson (2013), “these stereotypes may enhance or ultimately damage the appeal of nursing, for potential students and commend or denigrate the value and status of the profession” (p.2). On the contrary, we should strive to create a positive public image showing the importance of this profession.
Today, the media has a great influence on the image of nursing. The public’s image of nursing is predominantly based on misconceptions and stereotypes, which distorts images of nurses in the media (Ten, Jansen & Roodbol, 2014, p.4). For instance, popular television shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, House and ER, are where these stereotypes have been seen. These types of television programs show an overview of the health field. These television shows present doctors as being the only ones who provide care for patients. Nurses who do appear on these programs generally stand silently in the background without speaking. In addition, nurses follow the physicians’ orders, bring medical supplies or, in some shows, are not seen at all. These hospital dramas convey the wrong message to viewers. Nurses are seen as not having a role in providing any care to patients, even though “nursing is rated as the most ethical profession” (Riffkin, 2014). As a result of these negative images, it has decreased the credibility of nursing as a profession. The public may see nurses as…

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