The Media Play Promoting Female Empowerment Essay

1038 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
What role does the media play in promoting female empowerment? Even though women generally earn 60% of what men do and have suffered unspeakable discrimination. Nevertheless, there is an acknowledgment, by a few strong influential women who realize, to achieve greatness with in the media, they first would have to liberate themselves and then open the door for others. All though women currently make $.69 cent on the dollar, in the opinion of educated women in the media and current, Democratic presidential nominees, pay discrepancy between men and women is a significant platform issue.(Natasha) Also, women are still objectified and treated with disrespect because of gender. How can these issues be rectified? There has been great strides by ambitious leaders in the female community, to change and shape the outlook of the future for women. These women have strived against bias, pushed past limitations and championed crusades to prove a woman 's worth outside of the home. A perfect example of a women who maximised her opportunities in the media is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey, started as a talk show host. Through true grit and determination, she owns her own network called OWN (OPRAH WINFREY NETWORK.) For 30 years this amazing woman has helped other women become stronger and more independent. Ms. Winfrey, is in fact a great leader for all women. Tyra Banks and Lisa Ling were both inspired by Oprah. In fact Ms. Ling is an investigative reporter for OWN. The song, Run the World…

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