The Media Of The Music Video ' Anaconda ' Essay

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The submissive role of women in a relationship is not a new concept and has been a custom for thousands of years. Numerous generations of cultures all around the world believed for centuries that a woman 's role was by the side of her man. Some cultures still believe this, regardless of the truth. First world countries such as the United States and Canada, would argue that women are liberated and equal, and though this is true in most senses, they are still portrayed as objects in pop culture media. The music video 'Anaconda ' is a prime example of this objectification. The lyrics describe Nicki Minaj as an asset to her 'man ' solely because she has a big butt. The main chorus goes as far as to say that women are only desirable if they have a large butt, and are otherwise useless. The video itself opens with Nicki Minaj, and backup dancers, in clothing that barely covers their exclusive parts. The rest of the video is a continuation of the opening scene, that includes a chair dancing scene which is very similar to that of pole dancing, and vulgar dance moves. These degrading lyrics and vulgar video would be deemed disgusting if it were men in these situations, however due to the tradition of women as objects for men to lust after, no one bats an eye. This relates to our knowledge question because the generals public 's morals on what is right and wrong have been changed due to the traditional role of women. The over sexualization of the women is clear to many members of…

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