The Media Bias Of Traditional And Nontraditional Media Essay

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The Media Bias in Traditional and Nontraditional Media
The media has a major impact on what we know and understand about what is happening in the world. However, there appears to be criteria that needs to be met in order for events to be considered ‘newsworthy’. Traditional news does not want to report on something that already happened last week, even if it is an ongoing issue. Timing is everything and the audience won’t come back if they are bored constantly hearing about the same thing. If an event does not impact enough people, it could end up as a quick blip at the bottom of the screen or with no mention at all. This also applies if these events aren’t hitting close enough to home, in this case being the United States. However, if a terrible event impacts one person, but they are a prominent figure, they could end up stealing the entire spotlight.
When an event does make it to the news, another issue arises of which manner it will be portrayed. This news bias is nothing new and has been happening for years. Many news companies prefer to give the impression that they are unbiased and show both sides of the story. People wouldn’t tune in if they believed they were trying to be swayed to think a certain way. However, that is exactly what has happened and more people are starting to seek out alternatives that allow them to feel they are getting the most from their news source.
Many people understand that traditional media can be biased so they have stopped watching it…

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