The Media And Its Impact On Our Society Essay

1475 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 null Page
Despite the overwhelming amount of information obtainable through various news outlets, the majority of the sources are trickling down from the very few who control the news industry. Technological advances in the Unites States have allowed many people to be exposed to the market of fast news, especially through the rise of 24-7 corporate news stations. Technological advances in society have progressed in a way that blindly forces the public to become dependent on technology, considering corporate media is referenced as a primary source of knowledge to understand ourselves and global issues. The means of communication is constantly evolving and currently technological advances has enabled society to become reliant on cellular devices. Technology currently dominates various means of communication and corporate media has strategically exploited the minds of the public by dominating the news industry and framing which local and global issues are important enough to talk about. Therefore, the news media outlet is positioned in a way where it has the power and reach to dominate public thinking and create a society where an obedient society is the norm.
Cross ownership of news media outlets advocate not only for profit, but for power. Not only do corporate entities push for economic incentives, but they also generate an immense influence on society. According to Celia Wexler, “The Telecommunications act of 1996 was supposed to allow more competition”(2) but failed to do so. The…

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