Essay on The Media And Its Impact On Indigenous People

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Australian media has always been a prevalent force associated with Indigenous Australians. Ever since the mass spread of information through media was invented, it has been used as both a negative and positive way to promote certain agendas. Social media is also a mechanism that is changing the way Indigenous Australians interact and use media, and has had an important impact on Indigenous Peoples around the world. Despite many changes for the better in regards to how the media is used to influence society, there is still a lack of appropriate representation of Indigenous Australians on television and other media outlets when compared to the representation of white Australians. There are many problems remaining today in remote Indigenous communities, who have limited access to the internet as well as news and TV broadcasts. The media has the potential to bring these remote communities together and send positive messages against discrimination and stereotyping, and although there has been a lot of change in how it is used, there is still progress that can be made. Many initiatives are working towards addressing these issues, such as the Indigenous Community Television service, Imparja Television, and the National Indigenous Times. Despite these positive services, there are still efforts that can be made to allow representation of Indigenous Australians to become part of mainstream media, and portray Australia as the multicultural society it is.

Australian media has not…

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