The Media And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Society relies on the media for knowledge and information regarding major issues in the world they live in and expect to be presented with the reality of these issues. Nevertheless, the media is quite competent of distorting an individual’s perception. Time and time again, studies show that both entertainment, as well as news media present exaggerated and thwarted images of the mentally ill, which emphasize dangerousness, criminality and unpredictability (Stuart,2006). By presenting such erroneous depictions of the mentally ill, the media is undoubtedly having a negative effect on tolerance within society. After presenting the mentally ill as deranged, aggressive and erratic beings, the public will undeniably not be very accepting of these individuals, as they will be fearful of them. The enormous effect that the media has on society causes speculation, baseless assumptions, and overall opprobrium. Mental health is exceedingly important and plays an vital role in everyone 's life. However, not everyone is mentally healthy and this is what society needs to realize. Mental illness is merely an ailment of the body, just as cancer and diabetes are. Mental illness is very prevalent and many are afflicted with some form of it. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in four adults, which equates to approximately 61.5 million Americans, experiences mental illness in one year. One in seven adults, which equates to 13.6 million people, actually live with a severe…

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