What Are The Benefits Of Not Going To School Essay

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Education is a major requirement today; kids are required to go to school. Most kids do not like the idea of going to school, and think it will not benefit them. Life can be really hard if someone doesn’t have any education in his or her life. When looking for a job, some jobs will require a person to have a certain amount of education before being hired. Some people don 't realize the downfall of not having an education. Public education gives a person big opportunity in their life, helps them prepare themselves for their career, and also makes them become successful. Education gives a person a lot of options while they are in school to figure out who they are, and who they want to become when they are older.
Going to school gives student opportunities to join clubs, sports, and after school activities. Most kids will not take the extra time to participate in these things, but do not realize the good benefits they can get by being part of them. Schools that offer kids to join sports can lead them to getting a scholarship to a college, therefore the more a student becomes better at a sport they
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Some people 's goals are to be come a doctor, lawyer, or run a their own business. Education helps a person reach their goals, and with out it, it would be very hard to succeed in life. Most people struggle to receive a high income, and in most cases it’s because of the lack of education they had when they were young. A diploma can get a person very far in life; just one piece of paper can make someone’s life a whole lot easier. Some people take education very seriously and some do not think it’s needed. The people who take public education seriously are the ones who will be able to get far in life, and have fewer worries about struggling to find a good paying job. Therefore, everyone wants to become successful in his or her life, and education is the first step a person has to

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