Process Essay: The Definition Of Happiness

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When you hear term "happiness", you think of happy thoughts or events in the past you have been through that has caused the feeling of happiness to occur. Although it is just a feeling, a mere sensation you feel throughout your body, it has the amount of force and meaning to push anybody beyond their limits. The definition of happiness can be explained by a mental state or emotion you feel after pleasant thoughts and/or memories intervene from contentment to joy. Sure, you can live on with this perspective on happiness and go along your merry way, but what if there was more than just a mental issue. You can acquire happiness through numerous ways, more ways than I can even think of; however, there is one process that has many perspectives and sides interfering with its true purpose and that process goes by the name of a …show more content…
Although this definition is very bleak and not really efficient, it does give enough meaning to what a desire is to the average human being that lacks information on it. However, we can define a desire in another way; for instance, according to the article titled "Desire Satisfactionism", "the equations 'S 's desire for p is satisfied =df. S desires that p be the case, and p is the case" and 'S 's desire for p is frustrated and S desires that p be the case, but not-p is the case '" (3), are very self-explanatory and different from the other one listed earlier. These equations revolve around the theory of Desire Satisfactionism, which is one of the three theories we will be discussing today due to its greater importance than the rest. "This mainly concerns the satisfaction from a desire" (3), more specifically, the result when fulfilling the long and hard thought-out plan referred as a desire. Now that a good summarization of what desires is all about, we can begin the journey of a desire in obtaining the sought out

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