Essay on The Matrix By Joel Silver

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A very white, vampiric looking man lives a boring life of what seems to be a daily routine, dragging himself from his house to work and back again. One day Neo starts questioning the world around him through late night computer hacking and discovers a man named Morpheus whom comes around with the answers; telling Neo that he lives in world controlled by machines and everything is not what it seems. Morpheus gives him the option of getting out of this alternate reality through a red pill. He gets out of the system in order to receive training by Morpheus and defeat the three suited men that control the whole system. In the movie, “The Matrix” by Joel Silver, there are many motifs parallel to philosophy. Plato’s allegory of the cave is one running motif throughout The Matrix such as a false truth and like Neo, doubting the truth which is often an illusion. Another concept, Descartes evil demon argument, is presented in the movie such as another being not god is controlling people. Articulated throughout the movie are other ideas such as knowledge as justified, true beliefs, the defeasibility theory, the causal theory, and reliabilism: which proves why the people inside the matrix cannot gain knowledge through their experiences. In the End, the matrix makes us to believe that we could be in the same situation as the people shackled to the robots.
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In “The Matrix” one huge parallel is Plato’s allegory of the cave; which is a paradigm of people tied with their backs…

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