The Master Mechanic Analysis

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The teenagers of Carl Hayden High School; Lorenzo, Cristian, Oscar, and Luis, had a challenge to win a Robotics Competition. This wasn’t the only challenge they faced, they had to go through a bumpy road to get to the other end. Money was easily one of the most difficult problems for these teenagers. The school was not only short on money, but these students were already use to this type of struggle at home. The student's teachers were unhopeful of the outcome to this project. The author, Joshua Davis, illustrated the type of life Lorenzo had at home. In the first paragraph of “The Master Mechanic” he stated, “The bling wasn’t fooling anyone. His mother had been fired from her job as a hotel maid, and his father had trouble paying rent as a …show more content…
Not only did the students have to make smart decisions when budgeting, but they had to work hard into getting a eight hundred dollar worth robot to beat a robot that was worth more than twelve times theirs was in a competition. The computer science teacher at Carl Hayden, Allan Cameron, was the teacher sponsoring Carl Hayden’s robotics program this year. At the after school meeting, Cameron was not expecting many students to be interested. This, to begin with was a bad start because his standards were set low before it even began. This shows how the students had to be self motivated and had to build their own confidence. In paragraph six of “La Vida Robot” the paragraph states that Cameron did not expect a kid like Lorenzo to be the first to show up to the meeting after school. Let alone, he didn’t expect many students to show up at all. Cameron didn’t have big expectations for these students. This type of support made it an initiative that the students of Carl Hayden had to have ambition within themselves to get first place. Unlike other students, Luis, Oscar, Cristian, and Lorenzo had to push each other to be focused because coming from a poor school and a doubtful teacher, they had

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