The Mascots Should Be Banned Essay

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What’s in a team name? Grittiness and toughness and determination. It is just one part of an organization, but a team name can be the fuel for reaching success and wanting to achieve greatness. A team name is something that rallies a group of people together to fight for one common cause, which is winning a championship, not something to make fun of or to portray in the wrong way. When it comes to the issue of controversial mascots, there are several disagreements. While some believe that controversial mascots should be banned, others maintain that the mascots are just team symbols and aren’t racial slurs, but some people think that each city should vote on the issue. Despite objections, I believe that these mascots should be kept.
Controversial mascots should be banned because some of the names are racial slurs and the names wrongly create racial stereotypes. In the middle of the article, the author talks about how tradition of sports team has been wrongly shown for hundreds of years, “And yes, those costumes and dances paraded around by sports teams do have a long history and tradition, but that tradition belongs to the Native American tribes... These traditions do not belong to a culture that has tried to eradicate and destroy them since the beginning of colonization”(Blankenship). Later on in the article, the author writes about what happened when the groups spoke out about the issues, “concerns them as targets of racism, disrespect and dishonor, that needs to…

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