The Mascot Of A Team Essay example

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The mascot of a team should not be people that have been oppressed for so long, and the name of that team shouldn’t be a racial slur against them; that is immoral. That is the way the Washington Redskins is doing it though. The logo and mascot is a Native American man. Redskin is an insulting name for Native Americans. There are many people who believe this should be changed, and when there is an offensive word or item that offends many people it should be stopped being used.
First, the word redskin is offensive to Native Americans and it has been that way for a long time. According to website the word redskin means, “a contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian.” One activist mentioned when talking about the name on the Daily Show, informed the watchers that redskin originally meant proof of an Indian killed. An article in Esquire, written by a Native American woman, explained that the word meant the killing and scalping of an Indian, who had bounties on them. Their bloody scalps were what were called Redskins. This isn’t what most people think of when they hear Washington Redskins, but it is what many Native Americans hear.
Next, there are many individuals and organizations that advocate for a name and logo change. In 2014 the Daily Show did a segment that had eight American Indians activists talking about how they found the Washington Redskins name racist. “It’s a name that impairs, disables, and disenfranchises our population,” one of…

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