'The Word Redskins' Is Immoral?

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The word “redskins” is offensive. According to Dictionary.com the word redskin means, “A contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian.” The logo and mascot of the football team, the Washington Redskins, is a Native American man. While it is not right to use an offensive word for a team’s name, it is not immoral. If something is offensive, it doesn’t automatically make it immoral. We use offensive words and phrase often, that doesn’t mean we are being immoral. The word slut, for example, is an offensive word that is thrown around often. This doesn’t make it immoral. This word, along with many other words, may hurt people’s feelings, but there is no real harm. When something is immoral people avoid doing it as much as possible.
Immoral things have consequences and directly harm
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It isn’t immoral. It is offensive, and changing it would help ease the pain of the past. An article in Esquire, written by a Native American woman, explained that the word meant the killing and scalping of an Indian, who had bounties on them. Their bloody scalps were what was called Redskins. This is a real and harmful past. The murdering of these American Indians was immoral; using an offensive word related to this past is distasteful, but not immoral. There should be more focus on how the American Indians are being treated unfairly in the United States and less focus on a simple name of a football team. This controversy should look at the real problems, for example, how there are many Native American reserves that are quickly falling apart, due to the modernization and the intolerance that many American’s have when races that are not white. Make changes there and stop focusing on offensive words. In history if we focused mainly on the N word instead of looking at the bigger problem of slavery, there would not have been as much of a change. Change the name, and then start making a change at the real immoral

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