The Martian Film, By Andrew Weir And Later On Essay examples

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The Martian film was released in 2015 but first was a book written by Andrew Weir and later on directed by Ribley Scott “one of the most ambitious and successful directors of our time” (Chiarella.) Scott has directed twenty-two commercial films since 1977 and “adds a new dimension to this legacy: Science, frequent backdrop to the stories he tells, becomes a main character” in The Martian (Chiarella.) Astronaut Mark Watney played by Matt Damon is on Mars assumed dead by his NASA crew, after a violent storm that forced them to cancel their exploratory mission and leave the planet. Weir set himself a storytelling challenge how do you catch the reader’s attention when there literally no one for Watney to fall in love with or fight against. Mark is completely alone on a hostile planet separated from everything else living. Mark has so solve how do you grow plants on Mars with lame soil and no water? How do you adapt machinery to do stuff it was not meant for? How do you communicate with Earth? His answer to all this as he says in the film “I’m going to have to science the shit out of this planet” (The Martian.) The heart of the story about problem-solving, hope and survival, which can relate in many ways in today’s reality.
The movie “The Martian, is long on drama but short on romance, except for the moment astronaut Mark Watney […] sees the object of his desire, “hey, there” he croons softly- to a wild seedling” (Higgins). Watney does successes on all his challenges because he…

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