The Marshall Pl The Greatest Threat Of Foreign Aid Ever Created By The United States

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The Marshall plan has been largely considered the greatest instance of foreign aid ever created by the United States of, but to what extent was the Marshall plan employed to contain communism? The Marshall plan was passed in 1948 and it’s publicly known main purpose was to help rebuild Europe’s economy and landscape during the post world war two crisis that many countries were dealing with following the war. Europe had spent tremendous amounts of money and used many resources on their fight to subdue the Eastern invaders. The Marshall plan was created by Secretary of State George Marshall, and the plan has a sphere of controversy around it. The Marshall Plan has largely been considered the greatest instance of foreign aid ever created by the United States, but it has two different possible goals, either to rebuild Europe’s economy for the reason of morality and to repay them for their help in the war, or mainly to contain communism. The reason many believe the Marshall Plan was created to contain communism is because although Germany lost the war it was a likely possible that communism would have started expanding west throughout Europe during the times of hardships following the war due to the Soviet Union.
American Intervention World War two sent many areas of the world into a state of crisis, the United States and western allies prevailed but it was not without tremendous loss of life and money. Military spending increased tremendously for the Second World…

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