The Marketing Strategy Of Yum ! Brands Inc. Essay

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Consumer groups are part of the social structure, they have similar consumer psychology, and gradually form their unique consumption characteristics. The advertising industry should accurately grasp the awareness of different consumers. Using the appropriate advertising effect, so that this type of people have a desire to consume, make purchases, and achieve commodity circulation. From the social class division, the whole society by commodity purchasing power can be divided into common consumption group and high income consumption group. Yum! Brands Inc. with its keen intuition and the apprehensive research and analyze of the Chinese market, come to the fore in the numerous competitors in the Chinese market has achieved unprecedented success. Its two catering brands Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut is The best proof of the company 's in-depth study of the Chinese market. In the use of marketing strategy, two restaurants are different but much alike, which are to promote the western cuisine, however in its advertising design one is for the common consumption group, one is more biased towards high-income consumption group. This essay is dedicated to discuss the advertising strategies Yum! used to promote its products focusing two different consumption groups and explain how marketers appeal to each demographic.

The Characteristics of Common Consumption Group 's Appeal to Advertising
In common consumer groups, because their income is not able to afford expensive…

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