The Market For Customer Service Essay

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Today’s market for customer service is constantly changing of what is socially accepted. It is not only of what is accepted but how the customer wants to be treated. The customers will react and every customer will react different to the level of customer service you provide. What is expected of a business is simply just looked at as a guideline. Companies are going above and beyond to satisfy the growing consumer needs and competitive market to either keep or gain more customers to keep their business thriving.
Business Structures Businesses are more competitive than most are aware of. It gets broken down into 3 different types of business structures. First would be “Pure Monopoly” is a business that is single supplier. There are no close substitutes; the single industry player controls all recourses in the area (Gilani). Second is “Monopolistic Competition” and it pertains to an industry infrastructure that has competition and the competition has different products and many buyers to choose from (Gilani). They have the same structure and are in constant competition with one another. Third would be “Oligopoly”, there is only a limited amount of businesses out there; however, they have the competition between the small firms that sell based on benefit (Gilani)s. What would essentially work best and benefits you. All three types of businesses types push themselves to be the most attractive to the customer based on the most exceptional customer service experience.…

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