The Mark 's Betrayal First Hand Essay

1903 Words Feb 16th, 2016 null Page
“It shattered her, and she moved back home after witnessing Paul-Mark’s betrayal first hand. But after grieving over the loss of her love and trust, she got on with her life and moved to Scotland to live with Seanmhair for a year or so. One door closed, and it looks as if another one opened for her.” Adaira moved to stand closer to the windows facing the sea. She noticed her own reflection in the window and admired her, sleeveless, dark cobalt sequined mini dress with its deep-V neck and fit and flare shape. She hoped that it wasn’t too much or to reveling, it happened to be touch out of her comfort zone. “Okay, so moving on to happier thoughts now. Dare that dress is killer, the men won’t stand a chance once they see you tonight; you look smoking hot,” Megan stated as she pantomimed waving a fan in front of her face. “You don’t think it’s too much, do you? It 's my Christmas gift from my sister, she knew about our planned trip to Las Vegas. Except I couldn’t wait till New Year’s Eve to wear the dress,” Adaira explained. “You’re the brave one of our group Dare, why do you think we shorten your name from Adaira,” Megan smiled as she regarded her closest friend’s face. “So you’re telling me, I need to be brave to pull off this look or this dress?” “Neither, just saying you’re going to need all your nerdy skills and trusty girlfriends to fend off the men you’re going to attract. Talk about trusty girlfriends, here comes the rest of our crew.” Megan glanced to…

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