Essay on The Manager's Role in a Diverse Work Environment

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A manager seeks to create a high functioning team to yield the greatest results by combining the individual specialized skills of its members to achieve a mutual goal. The global economy has created the opportunity to assemble a high functioning team with individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds. According to Aghazadeh (2004), “Creating a diverse workforce provides tremendous opportunities for companies and individuals to tap the ideas, creativity, and potential contributions inherent in a diverse workforce”. While a team may possess the necessary talents and skills, the success, failure, and level of productivity in which the team operates is based on its ability to effectively incorporate the diverse perspectives of its members. …show more content…
Failure to acknowledge and address this issue could adversely impact Harpreet perceived importance to the group. According to Aghazadeh (2004), “Mismanaged diversity can have long-reaching effects on employee satisfaction and productivity. Employees who perceive themselves as valued members of their organization are harder working, involved, and innovative”. Ironically Harpreet’s charge against Arash is based on her assumption that his gender and religious belief contributed to his opinion about her abilities. Addressing this issue requires tact, objectivity, and diplomacy. As a leader, I want to respect culturally held beliefs while ensuring the project moves forward.
In his article, Dr. Aghazadeh (2004) states “In regard to diversity, conflicts arise largely due to ignorance”. Aware that the stated issues may come from a lack of social-awareness, I will need to increase my understanding of the cultural difference before working with Hapreet and Arash to establish a short term plan. Increasing my knowledge in this area allows me to determine the best approach to address this issue, and chart a longer term plan that would allow the team to work together. “Rather than controlling discussions, the chief executive should play a guiding role, helping participants keep their collective attention focused on topics of shared interest or concern” (Landsberg & Pfau,

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