Essay on The Management Of The Hospitality Industry

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In any career path one chooses to follow, there are a myriad of specific requirements and skills required for each. For example, someone going into accounting will need far more advanced math skills than someone who is going into hotel management. The Hospitality Industry itself is such a broad industry that it can be hard to narrow down specific skills needed for areas within the industry. Each discipline within the Hospitality Industry will have their own form of literacy needed for success in the field. In my case, the General Manager of a hotel or resort will need to be able to excel in their ability to socialize with their guests effectively, as well as be able to apply newly discovered technology while researching and interpreting trends, so that the hotel under their direction can continue to thrive in the ever-changing world of hospitality.
Since it can be difficult to understand just what goes on within the many different branches of the hospitality industry, I will begin by trying to better your understanding of just what goes on within the industry. In the article “From Service to Experience: Understanding and Defining the Hospitality Business”, author Nigel Hemmington creates an analogy between the Hospitality Industry and the Theatre Industry when he says “The focus on experience and performance suggests an interesting analogy with theatre. In both hospitality and theatre there is a need to stage-manage experiences and a sense of staging the environment. In…

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