The Management Of Modern Day Australian Organisations Essay

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This essay will discuss and critically evaluate Mary Parker Follett’s belief that “it was the manager’s job to help people in organisations cooperate with one another and achieve an integration of interests” (Schermerhorn, Davidson, Poole, Woods, Simon, & McBarron, 2014, p. 39) and also explore whether Frederick Taylor and Henri Fayol would agree with Follett, particularly in the management of modern day Australian organisations.
Who Are Managers And What Do They Do?
According to Schermerhorn et al. (2014) managers are responsible for and support the work of others. That is, they have the crucial responsibility to guide and assist other employees or team members to achieve high performance to complete specific tasks.
Managers are responsible for the management of organisations, which is the process of planning, organising, leading, and controlling the use of resources to accomplish performance goals (Schermerhorn et al. 2014, p.20). In the perfect world this process is straightforward. However, due to the ever-changing internal and external environments in which organisations operate, managers face many challenges. For example, in the internal environment employee diversity can benefit organisations as it brings different skills and perceptions. And when these characteristics are properly combined, they help organisations achieve common goals. However, at the same time diversity issues may arise from differences such as working or ethnic cultures. These are…

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