The Major Benefits Of Us Expansion Essay

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What were the major benefits of US expansion to the West?
The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 increased American migration to the west, which was already underway. Americans fought the Native Americans that were settled westward. As a result of the bloody battle white Americans were victorious and the government restricted the Native Americans to small portions of land. Then the railroad was built, allowing communication and commerce to be transformed from coast to coast, making it possible for economic expansion. This caused the rapid population growth of social and agriculture success nationwide. White Americans saw the western expansion as an opportunity; with the railroad built a lot of business owners were able to move their farming business out west by transporting goods from the coasts. Connecting the nation through the system of road, canals, and railroads arisen the new method of transportation giving the fields of agriculture and medicine a jumpstart. By1869, the country linked by rail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean

What were the major reasons for the spectacular US industrial expansion after 1865?
The U.S. saw itself with a lot of space and low population, with the idea of international trade and the large amounts of natural resources such as, oil iron and coal, inventions and discoveries, and the massive population growth in the cities, especially of Chinese people whom were brought to help built the rail roads across the country. The American people…

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