The Main Need Of All People Around The World Essay

1514 Words Dec 3rd, 2014 7 Pages
Political Position Paper #2
Abeer Alqahtani
CIMT 658
Dr. Larry Tinnerman
Indiana State University

Education consider as a main need of all people around the world. According to Aske, Connolly, & Corman, (2013) that, “all children in the United States have the right to a publicly supported education regardless of race, social class or religious beliefs is an American value.” Therefore, early reformers attempted to secure predictable scholarly gauges, train educators, or merge schools for the sake of productivity (The U.S. Department of State, 2008). Moreover, the development of the common school ideal has its roots in the nineteenth century rural (Pulliam and Van Patten, 1999). In addition, if you look at education policy timeline in the United State, “The federal government instituted a number of other reforms, including a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), to little or no avail” (Ginsburg & Jill, 2013). “State policymakers, however, aren 't taking a recess from efforts to improve the nation 's schools. They continue to debate and enact major education reforms—new academic standards, new assessments based on those standards, and new teacher evaluation systems—with or without a waiver” (Posey, 2014). According to Aronson (2013), “An achievement gap among public elementary and secondary school students of different regions, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds exists in the United States.” To close this achievement…

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