The Magic Of Thinking Big : A Critique Essay

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The Magic of Thinking Big: A Critique
Unfortunately Dr. Schwartz’s book did not provide any detail on his expertise in the field of motivation, success, finance, or coaching with the exception of his position within his business, the Creative Educational Services, Inc.
Dr. David Schwartz was a professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta and the president of Creative Educational Services, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in leadership development, as well as a renowned life strategist and the author of several acclaimed motivational books (Schwartz).
The thesis of his book is quite simple, the most successful people in the world think big. The more we limit our dreams, beliefs, and goals the harder it is to reach the greatest of success. We must think big, have positive outlooks, and truly believe that our thoughts and actions have the power to truly transform our lives.
To begin Dr. Schwartz reached out to a number of successful business men and women and he found that their key to success was simply their desire for it. Some people chose to lead while others chose to follow. According to Dr. Schwartz success is a choice, plain and simple. Throughout our lives we have been shaped by the comments and actions of others. We may have unconsciously written a log of the things we can or cannot have, the person we can or cannot be. Though these experiences may have come from family and friends they do not paint an accurate picture of who we are. Schwartz…

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