The Lord Of Rings By William Tolkien Essay

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In the nature of men the desirer to do good is necessarily for the good of others. It’s somewhat appropriate to desirer good in any situations with a clear purpose. Having absolute power isn’t a bad thing to over come the enemies in battle. It great to know the outcome before it take place, but the desirer to have power can be side tact in Tolkien reading. The lord of rings displays some interesting tale of corruption with great power. It gives examples of the temptation throughout the reading to developing an idea of power and fantasy. By this point, the interest of having power can be overwhelming in the tale. Understand in the story, the ring of power was meant for great evil and can overwhelming its holder in to madness, because it looks for a deep dark desirer in many that intended to do good, but often fall sort of its tests. Others can be blinded due to the influence of power and the environment they think they control with self-interest. Gandalf and Galadriel seem to have great resistance for the power in this ring. Often in the tale they are tempted and almost falling into corruption. For any that have a chance of doing well for the people for their distinct purpose and assessment maybe corrupted with time. Tolkien may show with resistance of overcoming the darkness inside one heart. The matter of this situation is one that tempted by evil to do anything for victory may affect others environment. The purpose of the tale is to test strengthen and mind of many with a…

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