The Lord Of My Beloved Essay

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According to the preceding verse, the sūgrā (those who have a Guru) desire nothing else but the Name of the Lord as a means to attain closeness of the Lord. This verse stresses on the futility and uselessness of invocation of the Name of the Lord without intense love.

The two most essential components in the pursuit of attaining the closeness of the Beloved, according to this verse, are prem-pīḍā and lāy, without which, remembrance or invocation of the Lord’s Name would be futile.

Prem means ‘love’, ‘affection’, ‘liking’, ‘attachment’. Pīḍā means ‘pain’, ‘agony’, ‘pang’, ‘ache’. Prem pīḍā therefore refers to ‘agonizing sensation of love’, ‘throbbing feeling of love’ or very simply put, ‘pangs of love’. In a state of separation, lovers experience this piercing and heart throbbing sensation – an overwhelmingly bittersweet passion in the innermost recesses of the heart. This overpowering pain of love translates into an all-consuming longing and strong obsession for the Beloved as if the heart was on fire – a condition captured in the word lāy in the second line of the verse. Lāy literally means 'fire’, 'burning sensation ', 'intense desire ', 'longing '.

Thus, the fervour of prem-pīḍā and lāy within the context of ishq al-ḥaqīqī - ‘real love’ – love for the real Beloved is immensely intense and powerful. The fire of ishq al-ḥaqīqī effaces everything, except the ma‘shūq (Beloved), from the heart of the lover, and as a result, the ‘āshiq (lover) yearns for nothing…

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