The Longing And The Call Essay

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In my papers for “The Longing” and “The Call” I talked a lot about how this pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome was desire for me to be able to have emotional healing, build a foundation with God, and have be able to be at peace with myself. To prepare for such a journey, there is a lot one needs to do; such as packing and planning. But when one goes on a pilgrimage, there is a whole new preparation that needs to take place. You need to prepare your soul for the experience. People go on pilgrimages for many different reasons; such as looking for a spiritual awakening or celebrating a milestone in their life, or learning to live in harmony and peace. To many a pilgrimage is a walk with God to a special place in reality, and metaphorically in their hearts. And the key to make the most of your journey, spiritually and psychologically is to prepare your soul.
I think it’s important to set your own goals for a pilgrimage, and even think about what goals God may have for you. For my preparation I need to pray and open my heart. I need to open my heart to the walks we will be talking, as there will be great value in each stride we will take. I need to pray and make time to seek God, therefore I can truly focus on what to make out my pilgrimage, and what the meaning and values I’m taking away from it. I believe that in preparation for this journey, I need to take time to myself to really ask myself the questions that are key to a successful journey. I need to look at the aspect of my…

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