The Long Road Trip - Original Writing Essay

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When my family first moved to Illinois, we lived in a home a few blocks away from my

grandparents. We would visit them on occasion, but it was never a daily thing. I always remembered to expect a big fluff of fur to jump on me, and lick all over my face. Their husky, Kiara, always seemed to have missed me, but I really didn’t feel the same way. I think it was the height difference that was created when she stood on her back paws, but it frightened me every single time.

“I hate this dog! Why is she always all over me? Make her stop!” I yelled.

“Kelsi, stop overreacting she does that to everyone!” replied my parents.
After being greeted by Kiara, I always knew to expect a drawer filled with candy upon entering the house. My grandparents would always make sure to fill up the hungry stomachs of my brother, Kirby, and I. Unfortunately, as time progressed; we began the long road trip of moving. Between Missouri and Illinois; a distance had been created. There was no longer Kiara, candy, or the stories about my dad during his youth. Everything began to fall down. I would only receive cards for special holidays, but it wasn’t ever the same. Ties between my other half of my family that lived in Iowa had fallen into a deep hole of despair, and loss as well. I wished that we had never moved away. Maybe things could have turned out differently, instead of the route they had taken.It all began with the passing of my grandmother, Jeanette. My grandfather, Ron, had an unconditional…

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