The Long And Short Term Effects Of Divorce On Children Essays

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For children who are five years and below, they may have problem sleeping; at that stage, the only language they understand is one united family- seeing Mummy and Daddy together is what makes them happy. Adolescents on their part easily become susceptible to live endangering lifestyles such as theft, sex, violence, alcohol, and drugs. Other adolescents may unnecessarily become stubborn and incorrigible. In addition to this, children from broken homes are likely to spend their lives in poverty. This is because of the possibility in income reduction that normally goes with the divorce.
To substantiate this claim, Karl Zinsmeister in his article “Divorce 's Toll on Children” explores the long and short-term effects of divorce on children. Zinsmeister claims that early stage of divorce can be very devastating for the children. According to her, 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce and in all these cases, the children always turn out worse off. She argues that children, during the first three months, tend to be disruptive, disorganized, and disobedient than children whose parents are together. She states further that, at that stage, they are scared of being abandoned or denied love; so these make them behave in an unusual manner. Zinsmeister affirms that the long-term effect of parental divorce involving children may create in their hearts, a vacuum which may never be filled for the rest of their lives. Additionally, depression and fear of childbearing are the other…

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