The Little People 's Petition Essay

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The Little People’s Petition “That the President will free all the little slave children,” were the words written on a petition given to Abraham Lincoln in 1864 (Swanson 1). These few words and the 195 signatures that accompanied it were enough to touch the president’s heart (Emancipation Proclamation Little People 2). Although Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, a document freeing about 3.1 million slaves in the United States, a year earlier, many felt it did not go far enough (Emancipation Proclamation 3). The abolitionists, moderate anti-slavery advocates, slaves, and people from the South each reacted differently toward the Emancipation Proclamation and pressured the President from different directions about the future of slavery (Stowell 9). Upon receiving this petition, from students in Massachusetts, the President felt more of that same pressure (Emancipation Proclamation Little People 2). Nonetheless, the 16th President responded in a surprising way. President Lincoln wrote a response to Mrs. Horace Mann, the “endorser” of this petition, thanking her and the children for their concerns. (Emancipation Proclamation Little People 7). Mrs. Mann later wrote back to Lincoln and confessed that she had nothing to do with the petition, but she expressed her hope for the future end of slavery (Emancipation Proclamation Little People 10). Even though Mary Mann had not been behind the petition, Lincoln was still affected and impressed at the care and concern…

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