The Literary Writers Form Their Works By Utilizing Methods Of Creative Critical Thinking

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Literary writers form their works by utilizing methods of creative critical thinking. Their works reflect a lot about their views on life, society and the world as a whole. These writers write about a plethora of ideals, emotions and opposition to political and social events that affect us all. These types of writing bring light to subjects that may have been overlooked, or not thought of. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a subject literary writers have not directly written about, but, their works echo the symptoms and associated problem. Writing about a subject as complicated as PTSD is difficult in and of itself. The writer’s expertise is not the medical field but in the ability to illustrate an image or emotion from personal experiences. Many writers use these past experiences to influence or highlight an ongoing problem. PTSD has been around for many years. The causes and symptoms have not been clinically documented till the end of World War I and into the beginning of World War II PTSD is a mental condition which sometimes occurs after a person has a terrifying life altering experience. The experiences can range from falling down a hill, to seeing the ugly gruesome toils of war. The stereotypical perception of PTSD is the relationship it has to war, or war experiences. This is true, to a point. War does leave emotional scars on a person. PTSD is also attributed to the effects from war. Holocaust survivors are a prime example of this point. Dr’s…

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